pH-bonder 31

A complete solution that works from the inside out to promote bond integrity during a professional hair color or lightening service.  This will help color last long and make your hair stronger.


Pre-Art Treatment 26

Included at your first visit!  This treatment helps even porosity and makes hair shiny.  It also removes pollution, excess sebum and styling build up.


Chemistry Treatment 21

Built on a strong foundation of protein and moisture to restore whatever the hair needs most.  This is a 2-step customizable service that only takes an extra 5 minutes.  It provides intense results through highly concentrated ingredients found in Step 1 Shot Phase.  Step 2 Shot Phix, a pH rebalancing lotion, seals the ingredients in Shot Phase to the hair.


Steam Infusion (added) 11

A flat iron that is actually good for your hair.  Steam infuse Redken leave-in treatments deeper into the hair for longer lasting results.




All of our coloring services include hot towel, scalp massage and blowout.


All Over Color      Stylist 85      Senior Stylist 92

If you need your color refreshed or if this is your first time coloring, this service is for you.

Includes up to 4 oz of color.


Touch-up Coloring    Stylist 71    Senior Stylist 76

Regularly scheduled color maintenance to keep you looking your very best.

Includes up to 2 1/2 oz of color.


Full Foil        Stylist 116     Senior Stylist 121

21-30 foils will provide you with an all over dimensional feel.

Includes up to 2oz of color or lightener.


Partial Foil     Stylist 81   Senior Stylist 86

11-20 perfectly placed foils for maximum results.

Includes up to 1 oz of color or lightener.


Babylights    Stylist 151   Senior Stylist 166

Babylights uses a micro-stitch with super-fine sections, so there is no harsh line of demarcation as the color grows out.  It creates a look with a subtle dimension and illumination. Ideal for those seeking less maintenance.

Includes up to 3 oz of color or lightener.


Express Zone    Stylist 38   Senior Stylist 41

A great way to freshen up your color between regular visits.  We apply color to the hairline and part area.  There is no blowout included.

Includes up to 1oz of color.


Blonde Idol and Glaze   Stylist 141   Senior Stylist 156

All over blonding service using Redken’s blonde Idol family of lighteners.  

Includes up to 6 oz of Blonde Idol products and 4oz of glazing formula.


Blonde Idol and Glaze Retouch    Stylist 99    Senior Stylist 108

It is ideal to come in 4 weeks or less for blonde Idol retouches.  This will prevent any banding an protect the integrity of your hair.

Includes up to 2oz of Blonde Idol products and 2oz of glazing formula.


Color Makeovers and Corrections

Please call for consultation and appointment.

This includes Balayage, Ombre, Vivid Colors, changing your color and fixing some “oops!”.  Priced at consultation.


*There may be additional color used in your service resulting in additional color charge.



All of our designing services include hot towel, scalp massage and blowout.


Cut and Blowout    Stylist 53    Senior Stylist 58

A customized cut will make all the difference to compliment your face shape and coloring service.


Men’s Cut    Stylist 36   Senior Stylist 42

Our classic scissor and clipper cuts will add balance to your face shape and keep you looking your best.


Neck and Fringe  free

Polish up between visits because if you look good, we look good.


Blowouts  Stylist 42 Senior Stylist 48

Who doesn’t love a salon quality blowout?  Come in and treat yourself.


Special Occasion    Stylist 67   Senior Stylist 74

Design for weddings, proms and whatever classy event you are attending that requires formal styling.


Steam Infusion    Stylist 53    Senior Stylist 59

A flat iron that is actually good for your hair.  Steam infuse Redken leave-in treatments deeper into the hair for longer lasting results.

First we flash dry until 70% to 90% dry then steam!  You won’t believe the results.